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Top Video-On-Demand Services

With Streamium a live videocaster can charge its viewer in bits per second.

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The future is very bright when it comes to using bitcoins for monetizing online content. Many services are in development, but few are available yet. However, there are a few services up and running already – the properties below are offering video services in exchange for bitcoins. These are early-stage projects, as such we’re not reviewing them just yet – just pointing them out for our readers;

(These services are still in the “beta” stage).

Streamium offers its users an easy and quick way to monetize live video. Enter a name, a Bitcoin address (so you can get paid) and the amount per hour (in USD) you’re looking for from your viewers. Even if rudimentary at this moment, this service is an interesting, new and simple way to get paid for live video.


A “Bitcoin-monetized Youtube”. is similar to Youtube; content (video) creators ad their video to this site, and when a viewer wants to consume the video content in question they have to pay with bitcoins. Paying is simple as the receiving address is shown as a QR-code in the beginning of the video. Just point your mobile Bitcoin wallet’s camera towards the QR-code, pay, and the video starts instantly.

JoyStream has launched a service where users can earn bitcoins for seeding bittorrent files, and pay to get access to the same. It isn’t clear just yet what sorts of torrent files this service would be useful for as the most-wanted torrent files already are available online for free – but the creators behind the service imagines the use of bitcoins as a way to monetize bandwidth for torrenting. This way seeders (who make files available) could earn money (bitcoins) for providing files with bandwidth. People looking to download or stream torrents may pay to achieve a higher throughput.