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A Bitcoin Wallet For Your Browser

The little pop-up browser-based bitcoin wallet Pheeva.

Pheeva is a great little wallet that lives in your Chrome browser as a plug-in (add-on). It’s free to download and use. It’s designed for the convenience of keeping a smaller sum of bits available in the browser, handy when you want to send a quick and small transaction on some website.

The little pop-up browser-based bitcoin wallet Pheeva.

Pheeva resides in the top right corner of your browser

The Pheeva plug-in resides in a little button on the top right in the Chrome browser. Once you log in with your user name you can choose a simple 4-digit PIN for activating the wallet. As long as you’re logged into Chrome you do not need to enter a long password, just that 4-digit PIN.

Pheeva also supports lookups via Onename on the Namecoin blockchain (sometimes also called a “Bitcoin username”). That means you can enter a “+” before a username in the Pheeva wallet to send bitcoins to anyone who has registered their name on Onename’s service or via the Coin!D service. There are also app versions of the Pheeva wallet, with several other features (and they do not store your keys, so they don’t have access to your funds – i.e; it’s more “hacker-safe” than using a custodial service).