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Bitcoins In Space On Hold, Garzik Moves On To Something “Big!”

“Thank you for sticking with DSS and providing your support and encouragement, as well offers to invest.  Unfortunately DSS was nowhere close to the necessary fund raising target.  The disappointing decision has been made to put DSS into “deep freeze”, halting current space-related marketing and operations.”

Jeff Garzik, the well-known and early Bitcoin adopter and core protocol developer, has sent out an email to friends, partners and potential investors with info on his planned project to put satellites into space, beaming the Blockchain down to earth. It turns out funding goals weren’t reached and the project is now put on “pause”.

Jeff Garzik gave an interview in this blog post last year on the subject of these censorship-resistant, really deep “cold” storage boxes. Looking forward to a time when these lofty plans get revived.

Recently Garzik announced on Twitter and elsewhere that he had left Bitpay and in his email Jeff also included this line: “I will be moving on to another (big!) opportunity in the bitcoin space.” That’s no surprise.

We don’t expect an official answer to the question on where he is heading, just yet, but he just tweeted “Hello, NYC”…

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