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Back-Of-The-Napkin Calculation on Network Power + “Index Of Worry”

“The index of worry allows you to estimate and minimize the worries you are causing your users, and as a result to minimize the drop-off in your sales funnel and maximize the number of users coming back for more — and willing to view your ads or pay for the privilege”. – URL

This post is a few days old but I felt I needed to link to it: Nick Szabo does not only present deep thinking on cryptography and economics, here’s a new “formula” on how to be a successful publisher online, the “Index of Worry” – in which he with precise insight exposes how most online publishers really don’t give a s**t about their “customers”. Of course Bitcoin can solve all of that.

I’d also like to recommend the (lengthy) podcast “Ep. 132. Peace, Porn and Privacy” where John Gruber and Marco Arment in detail eloquently dissects the exact same issue, from their own elevated, undisputed and independent perspective. Both links are well worth your time if you are doing online publishing of any kind (well, if you are serious about it, not just trying to earn some extra cash on diluting your old TV or paper-based brand).