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Tierion “Increases Capacity” On The Blockchain

Tierion offers a platform where its customers can anchor (time-stamp) digital representations of assets, data or other types of info in bulk, making each single time-stamp more affordable. Time-stamping a resource in the Bitcoin Blockchain is also called “anchoring”.

The Chainpoint white paper (only six pages, worth a read) outlines a method for time-stamping a number of data points in a single hash on the Blockchain, using Merkle Trees.

This is useful for a number of businesses and organisations. Tierion’s co-founder Wayne Vaughan had this to say on a direct question why one should choose Tieron:

– Competitors like Factom try to lock you into their platform by creating their own blockchain and altcoin, Vaughan said. You have to acquire their special token. Tierion is easy to use. Developers can sign up for an account in 30 seconds. We offer a REST API, HTML Forms interface, and we integrate with over 500 applications via Zapier.

Important to note here is; you don’t need access to Tierion’s servers or databases to confirm that your particular hash has been registered in the Blockchain – it’s independently verifiable using only the “Blockchain receipt” you get from Tierion’s system.

– Tierion makes it easy to log data, Vaughan continued. For example, a financial services customer is using Tierion to log all the activity from their company Slack conversations in Tierion. It took them one day to set up the whole process using Tierion and Zapier.