The Message Is The Medium

Re: “Bitcoin’s legacy may be teaching the world how to use the technology that killed Bitcoin”

“Some of the most high-profile and well-funded startups looking at bitcoin are now pivoting their businesses and distancing themselves from the digital currency, less than two years after the hype around bitcoin blew up.

Circle, BitPay, and Bitreserve — who between them have raised over $US130 million — have all shifted away from bitcoin in one way or another in recent months.” – URL

Nah, the real reason Bitpay and some others are having problems right now is because they’ve accepted too much venture capital while promising a quick uptake on Bitcoin in general. Now they are trying to calm investors by inventing other uses for “the blockchain”. Business Insider goes along with it for the clicks (another one for

The headline is funny in another way too as “the blockchain” actually equals bitcoin transactions, so “Bitcoin’s technology killed Bitcoin”… kind of a circular argument, huh?