The Message Is The Medium

Re: “Bitcoin giant BTCC launches priority blockchain transactions”

IB Times: “Chinese bitcoin conglomerate BTCC has announced a new blockchain service that prioritises bitcoin transaction confirmations for BTCC customers called BlockPriority.” – URL.

Onwatchers of the Bitcoin industry are up over arms over a piece of news from the chinese miner BTCC. According to IB Times BTCC will prioritize its own customers transactions when putting together blocks in its mining operations. What the enraged commenters (obviously) don’t know about is that this service is already a reality, there are big miners offering big payment processors this service already today, they are just not as vocal about it as BTCC is. But as BTCC now advertises this practice other wallet providers and payment processors will probably have to start offering the same service, and we’ll be back at square one (we need bigger blocks).