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“What Is Money?” – New Podcast Episode Defining Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Formula is a podcast where we dissect in detail subjects relating to the question “Why do bitcoins have value?” (which is a really big question – check “How To Think Like Bitcoin“).

In the pilot episode @nanok and @datavetaren discuss the very interesting question “What Is Money?” as understanding how money comes into existence today is more or less a prerequisite for discussing the pressing question “What Is Bitcoin?”.

We delve into concepts like “legal tender”, “intrinsic value”, “hard money” and distinctions between fiat, private and public money as well as deflation/inflation, debt/commodity – and why Bitcoin is different to any type of money invented earlier in history.

We also try to define the very basics of Bitcoin and listeners will learn about several key events in monetary and economic history, of which the years 1694 and 2008 marks two key milestones.

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