Example Post With a 39-Character Title

This is the lede. It should be at least two full lines long, preferably three lines or so, so that it looks good on all screens. If the lede is too short the whole article looks a bit weird. So please make it at least this long. Prefarably even this long.

This is an example post. Your posts should also include quotes and subheaders. This is where the regular text starts. This is a textbit, a paragraph and it should be around two to four lines long. It’s a bunch of sentences, and it needs to be longer than the lede to get a good balance in the first bit of the text. So here the sentences continue for at least three lines, i.e. longer than the lede above.

Also read: An Url to Another Post on This Site – Centered, Bolded, Italic.

Link button
 Link button

As you can see the also-read link above is bolded, italic, and centered. All you need to do to input a link is to mark the word with your cursor, click the link button above and search for an internal link suggestion in the box that pops up. If you want to put an external link onto the text, just copy the URL right on top of the word, it automatically turns into an active link. Try it.

Subheader using heading2 and bold

As you can see above we use subheadings. The subheading should use a narrative voice. It’s not a description of the content!

All you need to do is mark the line (paragraph, sentence) of words that you want to have as a subheader and click Heading2 in the box above. This text now continues so that it is long enough to balance the subheader above with the next subheader below.

There should be at least a couple of parapgraphs inbetween subheadings. As you see the subheader is not capitalized.

Quote button
 Quote button

We capitalize the titles, but not subheaders. And here the text just continues, adding a link or two to the text will make SEO engines happy. Some of the links should be internal, some external. The more the merrier. Google SEO loves outgoing links.

This is good place for a first quote, and soon it’s time to put an image here.. And when you do quotes, you need to use the correct quote signs.

“Look, here are the correct quote signs. Copy this quote and use it in your text to get the quote characters correct. One way to get all the different little weird ` and ´ and ‘ all correct is to write the text in word first, and copy it to wordpress, but you need to copy the text without Word’s extra formatting,” Nanok Bie said.

To get the quote to look like the above, use the quote button. Quotes should not be longer than 4-5 lines max. Place the cursor at the beginning of the line with the quote, and click the quote button above. And now I think we are closing in on using the next subheader. To stop the quote, make a new line, and click paragraph above.

Alt text.
This is a placeholer image with a placeholder caption. This image is centered and full-width with caption. It’s the only type of pic we use. The other example pics here (small pics aligned to the left or right) does not work well in mobiles.

Subheader again

To get text to look normal again, place cursor at the start of the line and click paragraph above. Here the text continues lorum ipsum-style just to fill out to show how much text there should be. The perfect post contains somewhere between 600 and 1000 words, but we ofc also want to publish shorter ones and some longer too.

New line. Paragraphs should not be eaually long, some shorter, some longer. This one is this short.

Here is another bit, this paragraph is a little longer. Bla bla bla, now I don’t have much more to say so far about the text, but I will probably edit and add some more stuff here soon. Now, this paragraph comes to an end. Right now.

Subheader time again

Now we are approaching a proper post length, but we are not done yet. One more quote is good to put in, but also: a link from Twitter, or two. If you just copy the URL from Twitter, and copy it in here as a new line, and then just press return and the URL automatically becomes an embed. Like this here below:

As you see, the embed just pops up and populates the area where you input the twitter URL. It’s not centered for the moment (?), but that will be fixed.

Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta. Lorum ipsum dorum dalom lagom hotta.

Enter SEO excerpt below

You need to enter the first two lines as post excerpt below in the SEO box.

And when you put the tags in there, be specific. Don’t lazily choose 5 different “metaverse this” and “metaverse that”. Instead “mark” the facts of the post. Which companies, persons, products, services are involved?

Use these inputs for tags. Tag the persons, companies, chains, services, countries, cities and products involved in the post.

“This is a perfect spot to round off the post with a quote from someone relevant to the matter. Maybe someone really disagrees with the ideas above. We want interesting details in the quotes, not how great the future is gonna be, that’s boring talk,” Nanok Bie said.

Duplicate button
 Duplicate button

And do not forget to round of the post with a couple of links. Maybe two internal and two external?

If you want to copy this post, you can use the duplicate function in wordpress for instance, you’ll have that ending URL already in there. Try that.

Click preview at the top right corner of your duplicated post after editing it a bit and saving it as a draft. Then edit and save your draft until your preview looks good. After that save it as pending and notify the editor.