Webonanza delivers news and strategy relevant to the Internet publisher.

We publish interesting findings about publishing practices in short format here and at other domains. We also produce actual online news about online news. Yes, news about the news; how it’s being published, how it changes. For news publishers.

We are the original Internet explorers. We’ve been slouching online since the early 90’s, if you can believe it. Learning by doing since even before the world wide web was launched.

Today, The Internet is delivered in a multitude of ways. Marketing people call it “blockchain”, “web3” or “AI” – but it is still just the internet, it’s tcp/ip — internet communication streamed from a server.

They want you to think their server is a magic mystery box. But it’s just computer software. Not even Bitcoin is magic. It’s a shared ledger.

We are specialized in SEO for news

Do not believe everything SEO consultants tell you about SEO for news content, unless he or she is an actual educated, and experienced journalist.

You will get the same old, ineffective “keep the title short, less than 60 characters” advice from each and every one. Almost all “SEO consultants” are actually scammers who know almost nothing about news publishing, but they easily fool people who don’t understand SEO.

And, sorry, but AI will not do the work for you

You are not going to solve your news content needs with AI re-writes. AI has no clue what “the news is”.

AI re-writes are useless in practice as they contain factual errors, and nobody wants to read the boring, wordy nonsense that “AI” loves to produce. AI text can be used for decoration, not much else. Be honest; are you yourself devoting your time to reading AI texts?

Human writers are better and will outcompete AI writers for relevance, brevity, newsworthiness, actuality etc. Try it and you’ll see. Your website’s traffic will not increase with AI news content, it will probably sink. Google’s algorithms already hate AI-generated content

We work closely with news outlets to deliver effective strategies, including HR services. We produce streams of news content and publish it directly onto clients’ platforms. We employ editors, writers and designersso you don’t have to.

Depending on partner we deliver an agreed-upon and guaranteed volume of news content 24/7/365. We focus on real news content, not SEO evergreens. We tailor the news feed to fit your ambitions and goals.

Webonanza also employs tech support staff to quickly deal with publishing issues, i.e. – we offer a full “set it and forget it”-service, where if there is a problem with publishing we login to your web admin and solve the problem. We only notify you if we cannot solve the problem.

So, what type of news do you need?