How to end a news post

How to end a news post

Don’t know how to stop your writing? Here are a few examples on how to end your news post:

a quote sentence; a “regular sentence” as a quote. This is the most common way to end a news report. You let a subject in the post end it with his/her comments.

An example:

How to end your news post

The Guardian

Other ways to end it:

— info about a future event that has bearing on the particular bit of news in question.

— with some data, statistics, how some metric changed since last year, like the price of the asset, number of users, or transactions.

— with background info on how the story started (if it isn’t the first post in the series). Or a background on some similar series of events in the industry.

explain some logic in the post (jurisdiction, what the rules are, or whatever there is to explain). Explaining events, putting them into context is also news reporting.

— or just end with a dry ending (no ending). News does not really need an ending. Your personal column might, but the news report should be neutral.

Remember: no “personal” endings, no sayings, future predictions, jokes or cheeky comments. Give the reader the facts and let them make their own minds up.

Just end it.